• Craig Amrine L.Ac.

Therapy Dog at Acupuncture Clinic

The seasons move on. The oppressive heat seems to have finally left. We're getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Haunukkah, etc. ...and yet, Covid-19 is still here, and is still affecting thousands of people per day. What do we do? Despite the on-going stress, and NEED to interact with other people, we still need to use COMMON sense. The now often repeated mantra of washing hands, avoiding crowds, and wearing masks still apply...and still do make a difference. So what new? Well, for those who've been to our clinic, you know our therapy dog Penny crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of summer. Despite our use of herbal medicine, experimental vaccines, and chemotherapy, cancer still cut her life short. While Penny will be forever be in or hearts, we began to train our Vizsla puppy to fulfill her role. We can proudly say that Piper, our 10 month old Vizsla puppy is now greeting patients in the lobby and regularly offers to clean their ears during treatment.

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