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Acupuncturist Craig Amrine

About Craig

My Story

 Craig spent over 15 years as a ceramic engineer doing research and development for companies including Toshiba, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Motorola, and Freescale Semiconductor where he worked on glass composition and property modeling, field emission display development, embedded chip semiconductor packaging, and laser process development for new products.  During his career, he's gained over 19 patents in cutting-edge technology with flat panel displays, electronic packaging, and laser development.  


While he enjoyed using science in the development of new technologies, he noticed that the extreme stress and market volatility were causing his co-workers to suffer from severe health problems.


Realizing how important good health was to a quality life, he committed to spending 5 years in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at PIHMA (Phoenix Institute of Herbal

Medicine and Acupuncture) towards a massive career change.  In 2008 he began his full-time practice as a fully licensed acupuncturist at Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture in Tempe. His education and experience in laser development led to his use of Cold Laser Therapy / Low-Level Therapy in his practice where he continues to be one of the leading experts in cold laser therapy in Arizona.  


Craig Teaching Acupuncture at SCNM

Teaching Acupuncture at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Along with his acupuncture clinics in Tempe at Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture and the Toltec Wellness Center at Skydive Arizona, he is also a Professor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). At SCNM, Craig teaches classes including Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and Dry Needling Practicing while also managing a student community clinic on campus.

UFC Veteran Frankie Saenz Getting Acupuncture

UFC Veteran Frankie Saenz

Throughout his career as an engineer and acupuncturist, Craig has continued his passion for health and fitness by exploring a wide variety of extreme sports. He's been a dedicated martial artist and teacher for over 35 years and holds black belts in several  styles of martial arts. He continues to train in MMA and kickboxing several times per week at Fight Ready MMA in Scottsdale. Not only does he train and spar with amateur and professional fighters in UFC and Bellator, but he is also their acupuncturist.  

Craig Amrine Kenjutsu
52-Way Sit Fly World Record

52-Way Sit Fly World Record

 For the past 27 years, Craig has also been a professional freefly skydiver and continues to provide load organzing, coaching, video and camera services at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona.

2008 World Championships of Skydiving

2008 World Championships of Skydiving

Aside from being a world record holder, he has also earned  several Gold Medals in National Competition and Silver and Bronze Medals in World Skydiving Competition in Freestyle, Freefly, and Skysurf categories. As an acupuncturist he regularly treats a large number of current and past World and National Champions in skydiving.

American Soldiers

Healing our Soldiers - Past and Present

For the past several years, Craig has also proudly dedicated his practice to helping heal our nation's veterans and is contracted with Tri-West Healthcare. His clinic provides acupuncture services for veterans to deal with current and past physical and emotional injuries to help re-pay their service and sacrifice to our country.  He also continues to treat several active and retired special forces operators at his clinic in Tempe and at Skydive Arizona

Goruck Tough Fitness Challenge

Goruck Tough Fitness Challenge

In an attempt to resist aging and poke "Father Time" in the eye, Craig recently completed a 12-hour "GoRuck-Tough" fitness challenge starting at 9 pm and continuing past sunset the following day. The challenge was called the Go Ruck "Tough" event. Beginning with about 40 lbs in the backpack, the squad of 20 had to share the burden of about 8 sandbags ranging from 60 to 120 a 25 lb team weight for a total hike of 17 miles. Every 3 miles or so breaks were offered where you can drop the weight and do group PT (physical training). The event was led by a Special Forces combat veteran drill instructor. It was a journey of teamwork, and prolonged discomfort. These events are designed to pay tribute to the military and veterans, with much of the proceeds go to veteran support. Despite the convincing argument to himself that he didn't feel the need to repeat the experience, he has since bought a sandbag and does "ruck hikes" at least once per week.

My Promise

By you committing to our treatment program, we promise to use all of the education, tools, and experience that we have at our disposal to help discover the source of your health challenges and work with you to ensure you achieve the best possible level of care. You are not just a customer, you are a person. We want you to be the best YOU that you can be.




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