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Shrug Off 2021 Baggage – Get Cold Laser Acupuncture Therapy

With 2021 ending, we’re all at our wit’s end. The world’s seen a lot with the pandemic outbreak and its aftermath. It’s time to bid adieu to the past and welcome the near year with wide arms.

Treat yourself to a me-time therapy session for a quick detox. If you’re wondering how? We have the answer! Get cold laser acupuncture therapy to de-stress and heal injuries

What’s Cold Laser Therapy?

It’s acupuncture minus the needles. Low-intensity laser acupuncture vitalizes healing with the help of light. The levels of light are kept low hence the name “cold laser”. This treatment doesn’t heat the body tissues because of lower power. Unlike other forms of laser treatments that coagulate tissue and destroy tumors, this acupuncture therapy is lighter.

How Does It Work?

True to its name, the process involves varying low-level wavelengths of light directly applied to target areas. The body’s tissues absorb the light. The near-infrared red light stimulates a response from damaged cells due to various chemical reactions. The physiological reaction is what stimulates regeneration.

While you’ll feel the device coming into contact with your skin, the process itself is non-invasive and painless. No heat, sound or vibration is involved, and the procedure takes minutes typically.

How Does It Help De-Stress?

Cold laser device addresses acupoints like acupuncture therapy to release serotonin and endorphins – the feel-good hormones neurotransmitters in our body responsible for positive and happy feelings. So essentially, after cold laser therapy, you’ll feel as motivated and happy as you do after a workout session.

Cold laser therapy is also used in pain management. Many therapists also employ this technique to help people lose weight or quit smoking. So if your New Year resolution involves smoke cessation or weight loss, this is your chance to prepare yourself.

While cold laser therapy use to de-stress is unproven, releasing happy hormones serotonin and dopamine do relieves stress. Many people admit feeling relaxed and de-stressed after getting a cold laser therapy. Though it may take some sessions before a person experiences relief.

What Else Is It Used For?

Cold laser therapy is also used to address insomnia, inflammation, repair tissues and relieve pain. Minor sprains and injuries like ligament and muscle sprains, tennis elbow, lower back and neck pain, tendonitis and knee pain are addressed.

All in all, cold laser therapy can reduce swelling, promote soft tissue and joints healing and rejuvenate skin.

Are you ready to get cold laser therapy in Tempe? Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture is the right place for you. As an acupuncture therapy services clinic in Tempe, we offer cold laser therapy. Our services also include cupping therapy and acupuncture for athletes. Contact us to book your session.


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