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Mushrooms Available for Order

When people think of eating mushrooms, most imagine either the mushrooms you add to your pizza or the "magic mushrooms" that act as hallucinogens for a drug trip. Did you know there's a series of "medicinal mushrooms" that have an amazing list of health benefits. They can be eaten in various forms including powder, capsules, or tinctures. Through our clinic we offer a brand called REAL MUSHROOMS. What makes this company special and their product stand above several competitors? They do a hot-water and alcohol extraction of their mushrooms, which ensures you will get the maximum amount of the healthy stuff (poly-saccharides) that your body needs. They also use the fruiting body of the mushrooms instead of the mycellium (root structure). Lastly, they promise at least a certain percent of active ingredient per batch. Very few mushroom products can meet all these requirements. You can pick up mushrooms capsules at my clinic OR you can order them directly through our site. Use the discount code ACUPUNCTURE in the checkout page to save a few dollars off of your order.


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