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Laser Therapy Speeds Bone Healing

LASERS SPEED BONE FRACTURE REPAIR. Being involved in the skydiving and fighting communities for most of my life, I’m constantly surrounded by people who are at various stages of injury recovery. Injuries can range from mild strained shoulder to something as extreme as a fractured femur. The question is always “When can I get back in the sky / tunnel / cage / ring / trail?….How fast can we heal this injury? While acupuncture can be great to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and increase blood flow to an injured area, significantly speeding up repair of damaged tissue remains elusive. So is there anything that can actually accelerate repair rates of damaged bone, ligament, or cartilage? The answer is a huge YES! Cold Laser Therapy or Low Laser Therapy uses laser light to cause dramatic changes in damaged tissue. The more modern term is called “photo-biomodulation”. It is a general term describing the process where LIGHT induces photo-chemical effects in the body. This change in terminology implied that these chemical changes are an effect of light stimulation..not just lasers. In reality, research shows that lasers are STILL the most effective and most efficient way of delivering that light. How does it work? Under certain power levels and certain colors (wavelengths), light does fascinating things like boost production of ATP, increase free Nitric Oxide, and alter levels of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). The end result is that BONE FRACTURES HEAL FASTER. Additional research shows that laser therapy also speeds up muscle, ligament, tendon and even NERVE healing. Our laser is strong and versatile using various frequency pulses that make it even more effective.


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