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Does Cupping Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health?

Mental health issues continue to prevail, although the awareness has sporadically increased across the world. New treatment methods and medications are discovered to support people suffering from stress, depression and tension.


Cupping is a non-invasive and safe treatment method most discussed in the medical world. At Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture, we understand the deteriorating effects of mental disorders on your body. Having a balanced body, mind, and spirit is crucial for your well-being.

We’re here to tell you how cupping therapy can alleviate mental health:

What is Cupping Therapy?

As a Middle Eastern and traditional Chinese technique, this technique involves the use of cups. The therapist places suction cups on a patient’s skin to pull against it. The variants of this technique include wet or dry cupping.

Wet cupping punctures skin prior to the suction to remove some blood. Both types of cupping involve the use of flammable substances like paper, alcohol or herbs in a cup because they warm up easily.

Once the cups are placed upside down on a patient’s body, the air cools. A vacuum is created, turning the skin red because the blood vessels expand. The therapist will typically keep the cup for 3 minutes on the skin.

Cupping and Mental Health

Cupping has become an important component of mental health programs because of is its therapeutic abilities. It links to acupoints that are central to acupuncture practice. Many doctors recommend this as a complementary therapy for mental health problems.

Because mental health problems take a direct toll on the body, it transpires in the form of muscle tension, stress and other health issues. Cupping is recognized as the safest treatment to cure muscle tightness and relieve pain to combat these issues.

Improve Blood Circulation

The suction increases circulation in the places where cups are put. Additional blood flow can relieve tension by promoting cell repair. Increased blood flow can reduce cellulite – a harmless but common skin condition prevalent mostly in women.

Releases Toxins

Although our body has organs that remove toxins, our hectic modern lifestyles can overload toxins in the body. With cupping, you get a boost that releases those toxins in your body. A focused blood circulation encourages tissues to flush built-up toxins.

Reduces Anxiety

Cups on your skin engage the parasympathetic nervous system to promote deep relaxation across your body. Our parasympathetic system is responsible for digestion, slowing heart rate and increasing gland and intestinal activity.

Relieves Pain

Cited as a form of pain reliever, cupping effectively releases stress. The study suggests that cupping therapy is an effective way to reduce pain. In many cases, it also relieves neck pain.

A therapist placing cups on a man’s body

Cupping therapy can positively affect mental health. Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture offers cupping therapy in Tempe. Our cupping therapy services are based on Chinese cupping therapy techniques that can promote improved blood flow across your body, relieve pain and release chronic muscle tension. We also offer medical acupuncture therapy, mobile in-home acupuncture and other services. Contact us to book an appointment.


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