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Cupping Therapy Improves Shoulder Pain

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

If you’re active, you going to have shoulder pain sooner or later. The reasons that give the shoulder joint so much mobility also leave it vulnerable to soft tissue injury. A large number of ligaments and tendons are used to hold our upper arm (humerus) in the shoulder socket. The shoulder socket is made up of both the shoulder blade and the collarbone. Any injury in one or more of these ligaments can leave us in considerable pain.

Through overuse, impact trauma, and over-extension, we can experience a wide range of shoulder injuries. SLAP tears, super-spinatus tears, frozen shoulder, bursitis; this is a sample of a long list of “things that can go wrong” in the shoulder joint. The resulting pain can be overwhelming. Sometimes the pain is due to the damaged tissue, but it can also be due to surrounding muscles that lock up in response to the damage. This locked tissue can spread to surrounding areas; from down below the shoulder blade and up to the neck into the head.

While acupuncture and cold laser therapy are valuable in speeding up the healing rate of tissue damage, cupping therapy plays a unique role in relieving pain in the spasmed area. It provides a unique way to stretch and pull the skin and muscle layers up from a compacted state…..allowing the area to circulate (both blood and lymph). The immediate result is DRAMATIC pain relief. The long-term benefit is improved healing rates. Reach out to Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture for a comprehensive shoulder treatment that includes cupping therapy, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy.

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