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Acupuncture Treats Rotator Cuff Injuries

"It's your rotator cuff!" How often do you hear that as a diagnosis from your doctor? Guess what? The term "rotator cuff" simply means "SHOULDER". If you go to your doctor complaining of shoulder pain and they give you that as a diagnosis, they are simply being lazy and telling you something you already know. There's lots of reasons for shoulder pain: frozen shoulder, SLAP tear, supra-spinatus tear, labrum tear, biceps tendon tear, etc. Each of these diagnosis require a different healing approach. If you're told it's just a "sprain or a strain"......THAT is still a tear... just a very minor one. MOST of these types of injuries don't need surgery, but they do need help. The beauty of our combination treatments of Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, and Cupping therapy are that they can decrease inflammation, improve mobility, decrease pain, and speed healing time. If you're struggling with shoulder injuries and suffering the shoulder pain, make an appointment with us at Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture! We can help!

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