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Acupuncture Cools the Body

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

If you live in Arizona at the moment, then you know that it’s HOT. I mean really, really HOT! So how can acupuncture help? Before I answer, I’ll bring up a case study from a patient who I’ve been treating lately. Let me paint a picture. This patient is a walking-talking incarnation of the famous comedic actor John Candy. He’s a wonderful guy..friendly, outgoing, boisterous, on the bigger side, red-faced, and SWEATS constantly! And of course, this summer is BRUTAL. He came to get acupuncture to cool the heck down. It was getting so bad, he was getting constant cramping, despite his high water and electrolyte intake.

Can acupuncture cool the body? The answer is YES!!! I repeatedly treat women for hot flashes with overwhelming success.

What about my John-Candy patient? The great news is that even after his first treatment, we were able to significantly reduce his sweating and completely eliminated his body cramping for around 10 days. With follow-up treatments, the duration has improved to about 2.5 weeks. He now simply comes every few weeks to “keep cool”.

So, how can we survive this brutal summer here in Arizona??? Wear a HAT, drink water, and COME FOR ACUPUNCTURE.

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