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Acupuncture Relieves Sinus Pain

Updated: Feb 8

In these winter months, it seems no matter where we go, there’s someone coughing or sneezing around us. Aside from the evolving risk of Covid-19, there are other “bugs” out there such as the inevitable winter “head cold”. The main lingering symptoms seem to be sinus congestion, sinus pain, headache pain, and lung congestion. While the fatigue, fever, and muscle aches at the onset seem to last only a few days, the lingering stuffy nose, cough, and headache can linger for several weeks.

The good news is that acupuncture can provide almost immediate relief from sinus and headache pain and can initiate sinus drainage within minutes of the treatment. The reason acupuncture is so effective is due to its incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the sinus cavities. If you’re still struggling with a residual stuffy nose and/or related face or headache pain, come in for some acupuncture for immediate and lasting relief.

Sinus Pain & Stuffy Nose Graphic


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