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Acupuncture Improves Back Pain

Most of us have already or will experience back pain at some time in our lives. There’s many reasons we feel back pain. Explanations can range from disc herniations, to strained ligaments, to simple stress tension. Regardless of the underlying injury, a common result is massive spasming of the muscles around the injury site. The spasming is our bodies way of trying to “freeze” or immobilize the area because it knows there is something wrong. It’s an attempt to prevent further injury. This protective muscle contraction doesn’t stop. It’s a workout without end. Imagine holding a small dumbbell in front of you. It may be easy for a few minutes , but imagine holding it in one position for several hours. Your muscles would be in agony. For many back pain scenarios, this is what happens. The prolonged muscle work triggers and inflammatory response too….. which further contributes to the pain.

Acupuncture is the perfect solution to relieve back pain. It delivers a one-two-three punch by simulating pain relieving chemicals, decreasing muscle spasms, and decreasing inflammation. At our clinic we combine acupuncture with cupping therapy and our ultra-powerful cold laser therapy; two other tools that are also proven to improve back pain.


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