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Acupuncture Helps Neck Pain

Acupuncture Treats Neck Pain

Neck pain causing problems? It seems that anybody who lives an active lifestyle ( and many who don’t) will eventually suffer some kind of neck pain. Skydivers and fighters have learned to accept this as part of their day-to-day existence. In mild forms, we find that acceptable. When it becomes extreme, it can affect performance, sleep, finger numbness, and our overall sanity. There’s lots of reasons for neck pain; disc issues including compressed disc, herniation, bulging discs, shifts in the vertebrae, cervical stenosis. In some circumstances, the pain is directly due to a disc or shifted vertebrae pressing against a nerve. In many cases, however, the actual PAIN that you feel is due to the muscles reaction to the structural anomalies. Inflammation and intense muscle spasming that impinge on the nerves are common reactions to these anomalies; both of which can be easily addressed by acupuncture. We already know how well acupuncture can reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and decrease spasming. Add in cold laser therapy that also reduces pain, inflammation, and speeds healing rates….throw in some cupping therapy… and you’ve got a powerful combination of tools to decrease neck pain, increase range of motion, and speed recovery. A recent study summary on success of acupuncture for neck pain can be found here:


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