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Optimized Human

Optimized Human is a program offered by my colleague Dr. Eric Udell to help fill a long-standing need for people to really understand why they are not feeling their best and for people looking to optimize their performance.

The Need

  • You want insight into why your health is struggling and your doctor is not able to provide the answers.

  • You are looking for a way to maximize your performance whether it's in the office or on the athletic field. 

The Method

  • Dr. Eric Udell coordinates a comprehensive blood work analysis along with a detailed questionnaire to get valuable insight into your lifestyle and emotional well-being.  

The Follow Up

  • Dr. Udell conducts an in-depth analysis of the results not only to identify possible disease mechanisms, but to also interpret your blood work in context to your health history and lifestyle habits with the specific goal of optimizing performance.
  • This detailed report explains your test results and provides a holistic summary that integrates the many data points into meaningful and actionable take-home messages.
  • Patients also receive a 45 minute real-time video consultation to ask questions and get a deep understanding of test results and follow-up actions.

Make your appointment today.

The price for this service is $950.

Take advantage of this discount code "CRAIGA" to save $75 for a total cost of $875.


For more information and to make your appointment click HERE and get on the path to optimize your health and performance. 

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