Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture
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Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture is located in the heart of Tempe, Arizona with easy access to both Highway 60 and the Highway 101. The clinic has recently moved to provide greater availability to patients. Both the courtyard and waiting room offer a safe and welcome atmosphere for all patients.
Tempe and Scottsdale Acupuncture Clinic Street View Tempe and Scottsdale Acupuncture Courtyard
Acupuncture Treatment Office in Tempe
Tempe Scottsdale Acupuncture Treatment Table
Tempe Scottsdale Acupuncture Lobby
Tempe Scotssdale Acupuncture Lobby Fountain

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Attention Military Veterans. We are now registered with Tri-West and proud to help support our brothers and sisters who’ve served. On referral from you VA doctor, we encourage you try acupuncture and laser therapy for a wide range of your health needs!